Thursday, July 29, 2010

today WILL be a good day

It's been an extremely difficult couple of weeks.  I've had my 14yo daughter very sick ...

It all began about 7 weeks ago ...everytime she ate, she felt sick and began having adominal pains.  It got worse over the weeks to the point that she stopped eating as the pain was so severe and she has had diahorrea over the past 10 days and has lost 9kg.

After taking her to 4 doctors and being fobbed off (they did run some tests but they showed nothing), we ended up at hospital emergency on Sunday night after she was doubled over on the floor, screaming in pain. 

The doctor on duty thought it could be gallstones but the ultrasound was clear.  She was admitted overnight and saw a gastro specialist on the Monday.  He put a camera down to her stomach and found reflux and is also testing her for cealiac disease, irritable bowel and helicobacter.  There were no ulcers ... thank goodness. 

She is on strong medication for a few days and is finally eating!  She ate a bread roll yesterday!!!  I'm excited and she's looking much better already.  Another day on the strong medication then it gets halved ... so all is good .. or getting there!

Today WILL be a good day !!!  Hope your day is fabulous x

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  1. Oh I hope she gets better soon...My three children had rota virus once which lasted 8 weeks and had similar symptoms. I will say a prayer for her. Have a great day. Lisa xx