Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i'm loving

I'm loving the living room on the front cover of the August issue of REAL LIVING ... incidentally my new sofa arrived a couple of days after receiving the magazine in the mail ... it's very similar in colour and shape ... I'll post a pic soon.  Oh ... and I finally sold my old dark blue sofas on Sunday ... just in time!!!  Was beginning to become concerned that I'd have a living room full of sofas ...

Now I'm on the hunt for some colourful cushions ... ebay is getting a workout!!!  But if anyone has ideas of where I could purchase some bright cushions ... I'd be most appreciative.

I haven't been blogging lately ... I have one very ill 14yo daughter.  We've been to visit the doctor five times within the past week.  She's not good at all.  PLUS it was Miki's 5th birthday yesterday ... it's been busy, busy, busy ... pictures soon ... promise x

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  1. have you tried etsy? there's a lot of designer look stuff for way less and also depending on your taste there's beachy, etc. congrats on the new couch.