Sunday, April 11, 2010


Family is the most important thing in my life. My family will always be there for me ... during the hard times, fun times and loving times. I will instill these family values in my three adorable girls.

Being a single mum is tough ... but it sure does have it's rewards. My children are my life. I adore my girls. We have our moments ... as does every family ... but we are always there for each other.

My girls are 14, 11 and 4 years of age. My 4yo is teaching us all a thing or two about patience, tolerance and unconditional love ... which is a good thing, especially for the older girls who at times can be selfish at times ... but can't we all?

Keeping on top of finances can be a bit of a struggle ... let's face it ... it's a major struggle. We have a budget ... but it's difficult to stick too ...

Anyway, this is just an introduction of me and my life ... enjoy!

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